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Our Medical Teams

We are really lucky to be one of the only Events companies in the UK with our own Medical Team. We made the decision to ensure we have the best team looking after our participants and ensuring that the correct equipment is always at our events all year round.

We now supply some fantastic events all over the UK with our medical teams. Why are people choosing to use us? Quite simply we train our own staff to national standards and continue their development throughout their career. We work closely with the event organising team to ensure that the event has the correct amount of cover in the right areas to ensure the best medical coverage for participants. Quite simply we take the pressure off the event organising teams regarding the medical cover because we plan it and prep it for them, as part of their team.

Why not get in touch to see how our Medical Teams can support your event. We would be glad to provide any assistance required to help you with the medial side of your event.

Events Covered

We take a look at every event that needs covering with an open mind and a fresh angle to what maybe required. We always cover the event to national recommended frameworks and always support event organising teams to ensure coverage is in the correct place within the event. We have provided medical teams to a wide variety in event size from National Championships to local 10k runs, large vintage festivals and music festivals to local agricultural shows.

Why not give us a call to see how we can support your event. All levels of staff available and a fleet of road going and specialist off road vehicles available. All vehicles can be supplied kitted or unkitted to suit your needs.


Tail/Back Runners

Here at Gator Events we can provide tour running event with a back runner who carries a basic First Aid Kit and also a Defibrillator.Our Back runners are in contact with the medical teams where ever they are situated on the run route. This proves invaluable to organisers who can be kept up to date as to where the last runners are. Get in touch to see how we can support your event with a back runner.

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